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Andrew Constandache
Answer by Andrew Constandache

On the one hand, Microsoft Project files are only editable within this particular software and you need the original application in order to modify them according to your needs. On the other hand, there are view applications available for downloading which provide you with the ability to only view the file. I could recommend MOOS Project Viewer as a temporary solution for viewing the files but in order to edit it you must install Microsoft Project because it not only offers all the control over a file but it has the tools you need in the first place to work on your project files.

Question by Guest
January 12, 2010

We purchased Microsoft Project 2003 years ago, we still have the disc and the program installed on several machines, however we do not have the case with the product key, so now we have new computers to replace the old computers but are unable to install Project, is there any way to recover the product key from the software we already installed?

Answer by Sean Hill

Yes, there is a possibility to recover the installed key with a product explorer application. For this purpose, you can use applications from the database of Software Informer.

Question by kiran 8
August 4, 2008

can i get the coding of this project

Answer by moorthyms

Hello... where are you? Are you asking the source code for a microsoft product? if you need source code, then go and checkout any opensource product.

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